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(also known as International Medical Insurance)

Travel Medical Insurance reimburses you for emergency medical expenses incurred when you are traveling or living in a foreign country.

  • Maximum coverage levels can be substantial enough (up to US$2 million) to cover major medical expensessuch as emergency surgery and extended hospital stays.
  • The "American-style" of international medical insurance coverage requires you to pay the specified deductible(excess in the UK) and co-insurancealso known as co-pay before the insurer pays any expenses.
  • Plans often require pre-certificationby the insurer prior to hospital admission
  • When hospitalization is necessary, many insurers provide a guarantee of hospital admission, and some insurers provide direct payments to hospitals
  • When hospitalization is not necessary, most insurers require a claim form to be submitted for reimbursement of covered expenses forbasic treatment by a physician and outpatient medicalservices.

Plans usually include coverage for emergency medical evacuation, reunion, repatriation of remains, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), and various other 24/7 travel assistance services.


Emergency Evacuation

Not all medical facilities were created equal. Depending on the plan, Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance covers the cost of transporting a seriously injured or ill person to one of the following locations:

· The nearest adequate medical facility

· A hospital near home

· Or the hospital of his/her choice

Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance is usually included with both Travel Medical insurance and Trip Protection plans.