Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance provides coverage no matter where you're headed.

Relax and enjoy the journey by having the peace of mind of a travel insurance policy.

Get peace of mind with travel insurance.

Traveling is exciting, but there are risks associated with every trip. Whether for work or pleasure, reducing stress always improves the travel experience. Travel insurance may help to bring you peace of mind and may remove the risk of catastrophic financial costs.

Medical coverage is an essential option.

A travel policy has multiple optional elements, but one of the most important is medical insurance. You'll need coverage against both the costs of treatment and the costs of being brought back home. Without this coverage, you may be put under financial stress depending on the care you receive and the area you are traveling in.

What else can your travel policy cover?

One of the key elements includes coverage for your baggage and possessions, which are at risk of being misplaced or stolen along your travels. In addition, you may want to consider coverage for the costs if you have to cancel a trip or return early. However, it's important to know that this may usually only cover specific reasons for cancellation, such as family bereavement or a medical emergency. You may also get coverage against missing a flight and the costs associated with that.

Should you buy travel insurance?

Travel plans can be exciting, but plans can go awry. That's why having the backing of a travel policy may help bring you peace of mind knowing you have coverage.

Cover individual trips or invest in a one-year policy.

You can choose between a single-trip policy or one that covers all trips across a whole year. Which is a better value depends on how many trips you plan to make, as well as where you will be visiting. It's definitely worth considering since just two trips a year may make an annual policy worthwhile.

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